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U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC at night

Quasar Insights

Quasar Insights Bedouins May 2021.png

The Bedouin Issue: Bedu Sheikhs & Kings

How the Modern Middle East & North Africa is Led by Bedouins From a Proud & Rich Tradition


Quasar shows how instead of being an insult, being called a "Bedouin" is a compliment. Bedouins, or in Arabic "Bedu," have much admired cultural & leadership traditions, as well as know how to survive and thrive in the harshest conditions. Their knowledge, skills, and cultural traditions can help solve today's biggest crises.


Saudi Green Initiatives & Science Diplomacy

How Saudi Arabia's New Initiative is a Game Changer for Climate Change & Peacebuilding


Quasar shows how the Kingdom's new Green Initiatives can be a model for Science Diplomacy and be a fit with President Biden's new science priorities to fight climate change, address workforce disruption from advanced technologies, and help build peace. The Biden administration should support these Saudi initiatives.

Quasar Insights March 2021.png

COVID-19 A Year Later

Saudi Heroes Saving Lives & Bridging Divides Plus Science Diplomacy Opportunities with New Biden Administration?


Quasar celebrates Saudi heroes who saved lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, and built peace and understanding person-to-person. President Biden's focus on science may offer new avenues towards peace for the MENA region & U.S. Can they make the most of opportunities to strengthen soft power, address threats, & enhance strategic interests through Science Diplomacy?

Quasar Insights US Elections 2020.png

US Election 2020

Historic Risks & Opportunities: How will the US 2020 Election Affect Saudi Arabia and the Middle East?


Quasar outlines the risks and opportunities for Saudi Arabia and MENA region if Trump wins and if Biden wins. We also show how Science Diplomacy and working with nonpartisan nonprofits can strengthen cooperation, build strategic partnerships, and promote peace no matter who wins the U.S. election.

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